Broads Running for Office

Here are BROADS YOU SHOULD KNOW one of our biggest goals is to inspire women around the world to take action to achieve their dreams, no matter how difficult it seems, or how many voices tell you “no”. Almost every BROAD we’ve covered in our podcast heard the word “NO” a LOT in their life, and they didn’t let it stop them. They just kept on PERSISTING.

Often it feels like the world is against us. At least here in the US politics are crazy – with womxn’s rights being challenged at every turn. But here’s the good news: There are BROADS out there RIGHT NOW who are fighting for us on the political front. They are running for Senate and House seats, or fighting to keep the seats they’ve already won. And you know what? We can HELP THEM!

Sara has done a lot of work with one of the most irreverent and hilarious political blogs out there, Shower Cap’s Blog (it’s pretty funny, through be warned the language is definitely rated ‘R’). Every election the blog puts together an Election Guide to help us better understand the candidates running and to help us decide which candidates and election races we want to support. We even put together what we lovingly call “Six-Packs”, which are groups of candidates with similar qualities. To her shock and delight, Shower Cap asked Sara to choose her own Six-Pack this year, and naturally she picked a bunch of BROADS. In fact, she picked so many she ended up making THREE Six-Packs.

Choose the Six-Pack of your choice to read more about these incredible candidates and their specific district races, and when you click the ‘donate’ button, your donation gets split between all of them equally. ISN’T THAT AWESOME?!

No matter how much you give, it ALL makes a difference helping to put BROADS where they should be: Leading this Country.

Pick a BROAD type to read more about the candidates and donate!