Sara Gorsky

Host & Producer


Sara is an award-winning actor, producer, feminist, web designer & digital marketer (yes, she DID design this website, thanks for asking!), crossfitter, nerd, and devoted cat mom living in Los Angeles. Before she was in LA she tromped around on Chicago stages and sets for about a decade, went to school central Illinois, and grew up in western suburbs of Chicago.

She didn’t grow up a feminist (though people who define feminism as just being loud might disagree), but after a couple decades kicking around the planet at dozens of jobs, hundreds of “networking events” and endless auditions and a few really good teachers, mentors and books, her fight against the patriarchy began and now she’s neck deep in that fight and going strong.

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IG & Twitter: @SaraGorsky

Chloe Jade Skye

Editor, Founding Host & Producer (Eps 1-100)


Chloe Jade Skye is a writer and podcaster living in Los Angeles. On her blog at, she writes about transitioning, current events, and her own personal growth story. She is also the writer of two feature films (Sick For Toys and Road Head) and the creator of podcasts “Broads You Should Know” and “Skye & Stone do Television”.

Jupiter F. Stone

Host (Eps. 65-99)


Jupiter F. Stone is a professionally trained live performer and digital producer with over 15 years of experience in digital media and the entertainment industry. Since 2016 Jupiter was featured in hundreds of digital & traditional collaborations one of the most notable being Millennials The Musical with Lin Manuel Miranda & Dwayne Johnson. Recently, Jupiter was 1/5 digital creators selected to be showcased in Tik Tok’s Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Summit.

They produce consistent weekly video content which has thus-far cumulated well over 1 million views on Tik Tok alone. In addition to their viral freestyle videos, Jupiter also produces video series relating to topics such as sex, gender, body presentation, sexuality, race and other subtopics of intersectionality.


Sam Eggers

Founding Host (Eps 1-63)


Samantha Eggers is an actress and writer, known for Dickie & BeaGet Happy! (2015) and Racing Colt (2018).

Special Guests

Michael Slefinger


Michael is a writer (All Rise), actor (Escape the Dark), podcaster (Notes from The Red Line), and amateur baker in Los Angeles. When he’s not working he can be found exploring California, trying new recipes, or watching gymnastics. 

Caitlin Parrish


Caitlin is a playwright, television writer, and filmmaker and, along with Erica Weiss, the co-creator of The Red Line on CBS. Her work in television also includes SupergirlUnder The Dome, and Emily Owens MD. Plays include A Twist of WaterThe Downpour, and The Burials, which were all created with her frequent collaborator, Erica Weiss. The View from Tall was her first feature film, which she also co-directed with Weiss.