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Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister of New Zealand

Bessie Coleman

First African-American & Native American Woman to Earn Pilot’s License

Caroline Herschel

Astronomer & Creator of the New General Catalogue of Stellar Objects; First Woman to be Paid a Salary as a Scientist

Mother Teresa

The Controversial Nun who Lived Intentionally in Poverty & Became a Saint

Ida B. Wells

First Reporter to Break Story About Lynchings in 1800s South

Jennifer Nelson

Responsible for Bringing “Happy Birthday” Into Public Domain

Ida Tarbell

The Mother of Modern Journalism Ethics & How She Took Down Standard Oil

Wangari Muta Maathai

First African Woman to Win a Nobel Prize & Founder of the Green Belt Movement (Responsible for Planting 20M Trees Worldwide)

Mary Edwards Walker

First female U.S. war surgeon, POW, & only woman to receive the Medal of Honor

Hua Mulan

The (Possibly Fictional) Legend Who Inspired A Nation For Centuries

Indira Gandhi

Hero or Villain? The First Female PM of India was Rife with Contradiction

Irena Sendler

Responsible for Saving 2,500 Children During the Holocaust

Hedy Lamarr

Inventor of Wi-Fi and Successful Film Star

Mary McLeod Bethune

Political Activist, Educator of Black Youth, & VP of the NAACP

“Stagecoach Mary” Fields

The whiskey-drinking, gun-toting, bar-fighting mail carrier of the Wild West

Marsha P. Johnson

“The Mayor of Christopher Street” & LGBT Activist at Stonewall

Dorothy Bolden

Civil Rights Leader & Founder of National Domestic Worker’s Union

Sarah Goode

Inventor, First African American Woman to receive a US Patent

Olga of Kiev

Viking Queen & Patron Saint of Widows and Converts


First and Last Queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom

Eartha Kitt

American singer/actress (& more) who overcame being Blacklisted by a US President

Betsy Ross

Designer of the first American Flag

Fatima Al-Fihriya

Founder of world’s first University

Mileva Maric

The physicist who co-wrote Einstein’s theories


Navigator, translator, & mother during Lewis & Clark expedition

Tuíra Kayapó

The Native Brazilian Woman Who Single-Handedly Stopped Construction of a $500M Dam

Greta Thunberg

Swedish Teenage Climate Advocate

Virginia Hall

The Limping Lady

Margaret Hamilton

Mother of software engineering

Madam CJ Walker

America’s First Black Millionaire

Empress Dowager Cixi

From Concubine to World Leader

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