Alisa Lynn Valdés

Telling the REAL Story of What Happened in Los Alamos, NM

Best-selling author and award-winning journalist Alisa Lynn Valdés made international headlines a few weeks ago when her Twitter thread about the REAL story of what happened in Los Alamos went viral. Unlike Christopher Nolan’s new film Oppenheimer suggests – the land that the Los Alamos Labs was built on and the area the first bombs were tested on were NOT “uninhabited” – the people living there had been there for centuries, and in a (not) shocking turn of events, they were NOT treated kindly the by the US Government and Oppenheimer’s crews.

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“Can’t wait for the Oppenheimer buzz to die. The bomb those men built? They dropped in on New Mexico to test it. On my mother. She was 18 months old, in the fallout zone. Of the 21 girls in her high school class, 17 had leukemia. Tell THAT fucking story, Hollywood.”

Alisa Lynn Valdéz