Benedetta Carlini

Italian Mystic & Secret Lesbian

Given to the convent at just 9 years old, young Benedetta sees miracles in everything from a statue falling, to a big black dog not killing her. As she dives into the strict aesthetic lifestyle her experiences evolve to full-on visions including a marriage proposal from Christ himself. WHOA!

Her visitations and eventual stigmata quickly raise her to leadership levels and she gains much notoriety, along with her Abbess title. But not all the nuns in the convent believe in her visions or her leadership choices, and Benedetta is accused of heresy and forced to face a series of investigations into the truth.

Does Benedetta survive these accusations? What do the investigators discover? Who is Splenditello? And more importantly – what happened behind her doors at night? Let’s just say – she deserves her own float at the pride parade. Listen now, to hear her full story!