Beatrix Leslie of Dalkeith

84-Year-Old Victim of the ”Great Scottish Witch Trials of 1661-62”

Beatrix Leslie is an 84-year-old midwife living just outside Edinburgh, Scotland in 1661, which happened to be a very bad period of time to be a disliked elderly woman in the community because it was smack dab in the middle of the Great Scottish Witch Trials of 1661-1662.

During a span of literally 16 MONTHS over 660 people were publicly accused of witchcraft in that neck of the woods, and Beatrix, unfortunately, was one of them. Listen now to learn exactly what she was accused of, and how the way her trial went down made it utterly impossible for true justice to be rendered. (HINT: John Kincaid is one of the biggest *ssholes of all time).

You’re also going to learn a whole lot about the Scottish Witch Trials – how they became the some of the largest, most deadly witch trials in human history, and how the government (who caused this fiasco in the first place) was able to break the witch fever that had such an insane hold on the region.

“that same verry night, the said William Young awakened out of his sleep, in a great affrightment and sweat, crying out, that she with a number of catts wer devouring him.”

“Scotland’s condition for the tyme is not good…exhaust[ed] in money; dead in trade; the taxes near doubled; since the sixth of May without all law, nor appearance of any in haste” “Becaus the laws ar now silent this sin [that is, witchcraft] becomes daylie more frequent”.