Caroline Herschel

Astronomer & Creator of the New General Catalogue of Stellar Objects; First Woman to be Paid a Salary as a Scientist

This week, Justin brings us the story of Caroline Herschel, a government-appointed Astronomer who created a system of cataloguing stars and stellar objects that we still use today!

Despite contracting typhus, which stunted her growth and blinded her in one eye, Caroline was determined to do more with her life than be a domestic worker — the only job which her mother said she’d be capable. After becoming a successful singer and musician, her career was cut short when her brother (and the conductor of the music she sang) developed a new hobby: building homemade telescopes to view the stars. Eventually Caroline fell in love with the cosmos as well, and history was forever changed.

Check out the episode to learn more about the life and accomplishments of Caroline Herschel! She’s definitely a Broad you’ll want to know.