Sister Carrie Miller, SLW

Devoted Her Life to Empowering Families

This week, Rev. Dr. Barbara Gorsky brings us a Broad who has greatly influenced her personally – Sister Carrie Miller, of Sisters of the Living Word! The founder of Faith Community Homes (now Family Forward), for decades she has served the homeless and poverty stricken communities of the northwest Chicago suburbs. Her service to the community is legendary and she’s transformed so many people’s lives, not only those that she’s served, but also those she’s taught to serve, like Rev. Gorsky!

“The day began with happily delivering groceries and school supplies to a Faith Community Home family. What a blessing to see their joy and gratitude in receiving these gift from local churches! As the mother and a couple children moved into the kitchen to put the food away, one of the older girls pulled me aside and whispered, ‘Thank you so much for all you do for my family. I hate to ask for anything more but there is one other thing—do you think you might be able to get me a new pair of shoes for school?’

“From her tearing eyes, I could tell this was very difficult for her to ask. As I looked down and saw her worn shoes, I recalled how appearing ‘different or poor’ at school can be so embarrassing for a child and can affect their spirit and self-esteem. I knew we had to do something.

“I place my arm around her shoulder and said, ‘I think we can do that for you.’

“I phoned a friend who belongs to a couples’ faith-sharing group in her church and asked if she could spread the word that about 20 children were in need of new school shoes. Would her group from the church be able to help?

“My next visit to this family was to deliver six pairs of new shoes along with a blessing from these generous caring couples! All the other children in FCH families got new shoes, too!”

Sister Carrie Miller, SLW