Santa Broads

The Women Who Saved Christmas

When America ran out of Santas during World War II what happened? Was Christmas cancelled while the men were overseas fighting? NOPE! The Rosie the Riveter spirit persisted, and WOMEN stepped up to the plate! But not everybody was happy about it.

Learn how these Santa Broads came to be, who loved them, who hated them, and most importantly – DID THEY WEAR THE BEARD, TOO?

Also, what the heck is the origin of Santa Clause and the modern American Christmas? When did Mall Santas emerge and why? All this and more in this special holiday episode of Broads You Should Know.

““It may jar the sensibilities of the youngsters to hear a soprano voice, instead of a basso profundo one, sounding forth from behind the whiskers. But probably today’s children will make whatever concessions are necessary on that account. They have been wise enough heretofore to pretend not to know that the department store Santa is a fraud: to accept a lady Santa will impose no intolerable strain upon their pretended innocence.”

The Wichita Daily Times

“If there is such a thing as a minor horror, then a minor horror of this war is female Santa Clauses Kristine Kringle! Sarah St. Nicholas! Susie Santa Claus! Holy Smoke!…A little ol’ wren of a Santa Claus. The pillow she used for a stomach didn’t help and neither did the soprano voice that squeaked through some cut-down gray whiskers….She didn’t walk like Santa Claus walks…He lumbered and flat-footed around, the result of years of carrying that massive pack on his back. This female Santa Claus minced around on size 3 shoes and worst of all, she giggled. The real Santa Claus never giggled.”

Henry McLemore