Verity Lambert

1st Female TV Producer in the UK Who Brought Doctor Who to Life!

Today, Colin A. Borden brings us the tale of Verity Lambert – the founding producer of Doctor Who! 

As an aspiring young writer and director, Verity kept running into the glass ceiling, being told time and time again that there wasn’t any more room for another woman.

Verity kept at it, though, and when an accident on set means someone has to step in to keep the show together, Verity meets the challenge with aplomb and leaves an indelible impression on the studio department head. Later, when he’s looking for someone to try and get a weird show called “Doctor Who” on its feet, he remembers Verity, and she becomes both the first UK female TV producer, and the youngest at the time.

Her story is amazing, and this now beloved TV show is a staple in many a home, but it wouldn’t have even happened were it not for the tenacious, creative, and get-it-done attitude of Verity Lambert. Listen now for the full story!