Beate Gordon

Jewish Feminist Who Wrote Women’s Rights into the Japanese Constitution

This week, Chloe Skye returns to bring us the story of Beate Gordon! When Beate’s Ukrainian-born Jewish parents fled Russia in the 1920’s, eventually landing in Japan, Beate fell in love with the Japanese people and culture, but WWII leaves Beate in the US, separated from her parents and unable to contact them. Beate uses her incredible ployglot skills to become a translator, eventually working her way onto Douglas MacArthur’s team and to the very table where his team was writing the new Japanese Constitution and Beate, of all people, became responsible for the future of all Japanese women.

Her story is astonishing, and her impact on the women of Japan cannot be understated. How the heck did she meet MacArthur and become a feminist leader in Japan? And did she ever find her parents?? You’ll have to listen to find out!