Kadambini Ganguly

First Female Doctor in India

This week, Sara brings us the story of Kadambini Ganguly, the first woman to graduate college, first woman admitted to an Indian medical school and the first female medical doctor in India! Her work wasn’t limited to medicine, either. A champion for women’s and worker’s rights, Kadambini’s socio-political impact on India was undeniably incredible.

“… (She) has already passed what is called the first licentiate in medicine and surgery examinations and is to go up for the final examination in March next. This young lady, Mrs. Ganguly, married! After she made up her mind to become a doctor! and has had one, if not two children since. But she was absent only thirteen days for her lying-in!! And did not miss, I believe, a single lecture!!”

Florence Nightingale (in a letter to a friend, regarding Kadambini Ganguly)