Sibyl Ludington

America’s Controversial Revolutionary Rider

Sibyl Ludington, the oldest of 12 kids, may have only been 16 years old, but she knew exactly what to do when British soldiers burned her neighboring town to the ground: She Paul Revere’d it! Jumping on her horse, Sibyl rides over 40 miles across the countryside to awaken the militia, calling to arms the troops for what would be the Battle of Ridgefield.

Her tale is legendary. And we might mean that literally. Historians have a lot of opinions about Sibyl’s midnight, including the question of whether or not it even happened. Listen now for the whole scoop and Sibyl Ludington’s Midnight Ride, and whether or not her ride was more impressive than Paul Revere’s.

Up, Up there, soldier. You’re needed, come!
The British are marching!” and then the drum
Of her horse’s feet as she rode apace
To bring more men to the meeting place.
from The Ride of Sibyl Ludington, by Marjorie Barstow Greenbie